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All Things Change Podcast with Adam Strickland

In our latest All Things Change podcast, we speak to Adam Strickland, Managing Consultant at Infinity Works. Adam shared his experience and perspective of working through the lockdowns and his take on establishing good work-life balance. We go on to talk about how the Accenture acquisition is going and how Infinity Works are growing from strength to strength, and now (at the time of the podcast recording) the business has grown to over 500 team members nationally. Furthermore, Adam shares his visibility on how the pandemic has closed some pockets of skills-gaps across the UK as relocation for work is currently not a requirement; remote working has supported skill accessibility. Finally we discuss the Perform Partners and Infinity Works partnership – what a mutually great opportunity it is for both the businesses and our customers alike.

We asked Adam, what things have you done personally yourself, what hobbies have you taken up over the last 12 months?

“During lockdown, I found the winter part of it really difficult partly because it was winter and it’s a bit miserable, there’s not a huge amount of daylight, the nights draw in, it’s cold and wet, etcetera. The first part of it though kind of March, April and into May that was probably the hardest for me. I think the reason for that was I don’t think I helped myself, because obviously working remotely was completely new for everybody – full time anyway – I’d certainly never done it five days a week before then. I just think I got myself into a mode of just sitting in front of my computer for 12-14 hours a day and you don’t need to be a genius to work out that it’s not particularly good for you; it’s not great for your eyes, your mental state or just generally doing the same thing been sitting in the same position looking at the same screen for a very long period of time… I definitely knew there was something not right. I remember taking a week off at the end of April last year and I just felt really unwell, like headaches and just felt really run down… and thought I can’t keep doing this!”

Adam went on to talk about how he established a routine that helped him work through the situation he felt he was in and establish a healthy routine that helped him monitor screen time and even a commute to (home) work.

Adam, how is life at Infinity Works going and the Accenture acquisition?

We're now pushing upward of 500 people. I think we've recruited over 150 to 200 people since the pandemic hit, which is incredible. 150 people that have never actually met one another or seen one of the Infinity Works offices is pretty insane when you think about it. The company just feels like a much bigger thing, obviously, then you put the Accenture acquisition in there and the fact you know we're going from 500 people into 500,000 … it's [the acquisition] opening up enormous amounts of opportunity.

Have you noticed trends in certain skills gaps being closed due to remote working?

“Yeah, the team have done a lot of research and analysis into the skills that we need, be it engineering, analysis, leadership or whatever, and started to look at regional locales across the UK, and yeah definitely started to find pockets of where you might have certain skills. The North-East seems to have quite a lot of engineering accounts which is not really something we’ve [historically] really tapped into… there’s a lot of great talent that we could look into which is a real opportunity for us and plug some of those gaps.”

Our very exciting partner agreement with Infinity Works is incredible recognition for Perform Partners at this stage. You were instrumental in those discussions and making that happen…thank you for that Adam. What does that look and feel like to you?

Absolutely, we are hugely excited about the whole thing as well. I talked before about the rapid growth that we've had over the last seven years and continue to have but the partnership for us is really, really important for a number of reasons. One is, we know we can't do everything ourselves. You shouldn’t try to do everything ourselves either. Secondly, you talked about the cultural fit. I think the more that we work together and the more we do together, we become more alike - we can all learn from each other in a true partnership style. You can do things that we can't do.

Looking forward Adam, what’s next for you?

“In the business context, the Managing Consultant role I recently picked up, I’m really excited to get stuck into that, looking at more of the integration work that we’re doing with Accenture as that gain’s traction and momentum, which will be fantastic. Also working with our many customers and accounts will be great.

Thank you Adam for sharing your experiences and insights into the industry on our All Things Change podcast.

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