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It's really beautiful because it talks about change happens, everything is going to change forever. But hold on to the things that are good and you'll be fine. It's true, everything does change, the world changes. I've gone from homeless teenager, to entrepreneur but the core thing of me being optimistic and mouthy, I hold on to that and that's done me a great service.

In our most recent All Things Change podcast we spoke with Jem Henderson, Head of Innovation at Crisis. At the time of recording, Jem was transitioning from her previous role as Entrepreneur Engagement Manager at Tech Nations to her new position at Crisis. Naturally, at this crossroad Jem had a lot of great insight to share about her experience of change which we enjoyed so much we couldn’t stop chatting or even edit down later; instead, we have split the conversation into two for you to enjoy the full conversation.

In part 2 of our All Things Change chat with Jem Henderson we dive straight into the topic of preconceptions, conscious and unconscious bias, and our personal responsibility to educate ourselves, learn, implement that learning and grow. We dig deeper into Jem’s mind and plans for her new role in Crisis and the housing crisis. Jem goes on to shares her song choice that best represents Change, and then we get into Terry Pratchett and Star Wars…we easily could have made a standalone podcast episode with Jem, Cloe & Shaun sharing their knowledge and opinion on the books, the tv adaptions and the casting choices.

Listen to Jem Henderson: Part 1.

Listen to Jem Henderson: Part 2.

We jumped straight into the deep-end with part 2 discussing stereotypes and preconceptions to situations [homelessness] or people. Jem shares her option, adding:

“It’s easier said than done. An unconscious bias exists, but the minute that it becomes conscious bias, because you’ve challenged it, then you need to do the work to challenge it, and then find the next one. And that’s the thing I think that’s weird, that’s not right…and I’ve got two tattoos that mean, so I’ve got one says aun aprendo, which means I am still learning, very important. And then another one, which is kind of like a follow-up, which says, do the work? Like, I’m still learning, because learning is part of it, but they’re doing that’s the next part of it.”

We move onto ask Jem more about Crisis and homelessness. Once we’ve tackled the issue of people experiencing homelessness, once that’s been resolved, what do we need to then put in place in terms of preventative action?

“What causes homelessness?! I’m about to read an ethnography of homelessness, which is 100 different stories; because it might be mental illness, it might be domestic violence, it might be trauma…it is literally 1000 different ways into it. We’ve got massive issue when it comes to housing in this country. So, I used to live in Harrogate, and honestly, people on minimum wage can’t afford to live there because they’re priced out massively. And let’s not even get into what London looks like because that’s absolutely insane.

And when they say ‘we’ve built affordable homes, and all these homes cost £800,000, and we’ve built some affordable ones, which cost £400,000 pounds’… what planet are you actually on?! If we talk about affordable housing, surely we should be tracking that to what average earnings look like, and build based on that and not on: ‘Well, it’s half the price of the other ones’ which doesn’t count, but it was.”

In avoidance of getting onto the topic of politics, we agreed it was best to move onto Jem’s song choice and what song for her personally best represents change.

“This one was pretty easy for me. My favourite songs in the whole wide world and a song I want playing at my funeral is ‘Do you realise’ by the Flaming Lips? I saw the Flaming Lips! I was very naughty and I snuck into Harewood when they were playing the O2 Festival and we snuck around the back of the house, jumped over a fence and I got to see them for free. You know those things you need to tick off your bucket lists: ‘snook into a festival.’ Anyway, …it’s kind of about the inevitability of change and the inevitability of dying, but it’s also really beautiful because it talks about change happens like this, you know, everything is going to change forever. But hold on to the things that are good and you’ll be fine. It’s true, everything does change, the world changes. I’ve gone from homeless teenager, to entrepreneur, to all of these things but the core thing of me being optimistic and mouthy, I hold on to that and that’s done me a great service. I just love that song. So happy to add it to your road playlist.”

We then open the floodgate to Shaun and Jem’s experience and knowledge of Terry Pratchett and Star Wars…turns out they are both avid fans with some insightful opinions.

Thank you Jem for sharing your experiences and insights on our All Things Change podcast.

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