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We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Podcast Series discussing All Things Change. We believe that everyone is in the business of change and that sharing experiences of what change means personally and professionally along with the lessons learned would make an interesting podcast that could also help people. We have launched our own Perform Partners Podcast to test this theory by talking to diverse people about their change experiences in different industries and varied backgrounds.

This week we spoke with Kate Goldring from Leeds Mind, discussing All Things Change around Mental Health Awareness. The chat naturally took shape when Kate shared her own experiences with postnatal depression, her feelings around the importance of culture within any environment that allows for discussing your own mental wellbeing and how the last 12 months have become a positive catalyst both within Leeds Mind for operational change but also in mainstream awareness where openly speaking of personal mental health challenges has become acceptable.

On the topic of change, Kate comments: ”In the last 12 months as you know the world’s turned on its head and there’s been a lot more talk about mental health, but the benefit for working in mental health, and trying to generate funds for the cause is that we’re not just chatting to people and saying, ‘Give us the money.’ What we’re able to do is really promote destigmatisation, typically in workplaces when we’re working with corporates, and we’re able to increase mental health literacy levels so there’s a better understanding and it’s not something that you hide under the carpet. Influencing policy around mental health and awareness but that it’s also not something to be scared of. We’ve seen things like the Royals coming out, high profile people talking about it [mental health] and even the ITV campaign ‘Britain Get Talking,’ I mean that would never have happened previously, even three or four years ago. So, there’s been a huge change around it.”

We discussed the topic further looking forward to where Kate would like to see change in the future: “The ultimate goal really is parity between physical health and mental health. Why not have Doctors’ surgery, a leisure centre gym and a mental health clinic all under one roof where you can exercise both your body and mind in one place?!”

We asked Kate about Leeds Mind, how have they have adapted to the new norm: “Covid was a very big catalyst, and we’ll definitely retain a lot of the learning from it. When we’re looking at agile working processes, we’re looking at our training for example which sits within my team. Why would we trek all across the region or to get staff to come to the head office to access training if it’s easier just to do it online? Change at the time sometimes feels like it’s not a good change but there’s always an opportunity to learn from it.“

If there was one piece of advice for the listener to take away, what would it be?

“Reach out for help, speak to a friend or family member, your GP or even a GP receptionist, and of course there is always Leeds Mind…just don’t sit there in silence. People are out there to support, they want to help!”

Thank you Kate for such a great and insightful chat. Kate’s chosen song that represents Change is Broken Stones by Paul Weller – this is now part of our Perform Partners Change Playlist. Click the link below to listen to the playlist and make sure to add us to your favourites to keep listening:

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