Our people are our culture

Our culture is built on the fundamental principle that we are all wonderfully unique human beings.

At the core of our business we recognise that each member of our team is human, and an individual. We celebrate our individuality and invite diversity.

Connect at a human level

Building strong connections between us as individuals helps us to support each other, be inclusive in our actions and reach our goals together. Through our small everyday interactions, we celebrate the value and trust that connecting as people brings, and encourage those connections through a variety of ways that start from the time someone accepts an offer. We work together to create safe collaboration spaces for differing points of view and our diverse lived experiences to be discussed, as we know this helps us to learn and grow as individuals and as an organisation.

Value each individual

We harness the power of our people to deliver business change through knowledge, expertise and passion. Working together in a collaborative environment encourages creative problem solving and bolsters our perspective, giving way to a clear vision of our routes ahead for each project. Everybody in our team counts, each voice is valued, and contributes to our trusted successful delivery.

Encourage training and personal development

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation at all levels. Each member of our team works with their manager to set a training and personal development path. Our individuality plays are part here too! We understand that career paths vary in shape and size, and each path is equally important. We support all members of our team on their personal growth journey, irrelevant of their years of experience or level within the organisation.

Nurture a safe working space

We perform in a hybrid world, offering our team the flexibility of working both in the office and from home. While in the office we want everyone to feel they can achieve their planned work, meet with their peers and have a breakout space to recharge. Our office environment caters for collaboration and social connection within our teams, quiet working space for focus, meeting rooms for privacy, and a cosy breakout to recharge with a book, do some yoga, or meditate.

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