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Perform Partners are an award winning business and technical change delivery consultancy. We work with companies across the UK to understand what they want, work out why they need it and provide skilled and reliable expert teams to make it happen.

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

As a result of our commitment to online security, we are delighted to announce that Perform Partners have been awarded with the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Careers at Perform Partners

We’re a great bunch of forward-thinking folk and we’re excited to be expanding our team further.

Award Winners: Cloud Project of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Perform Partners won the Cloud Project of the Year 2021 at the Digital City Festival Awards Ceremony.

Paul Rhodes

Meet Paul Rhodes. Paul is passionate about people and committed to getting things done. From business transformation down to single team transformation, all change requires the right expertise to ensure the process runs as painlessly and efficiently as possible. With his wealth of knowledge on how to successfully deliver change, you will likely meet Paul in a strategic planning meeting.

Rob Smith

Meet Rob Smith. Rob gets a real buzz meeting new people, developing new relationships, helping our customers and working with our partners. He takes an active role across all aspects of the business and is currently focused on business development, existing customers and our partnership strategy. With a focus on business development, Rob is likely the first of many friendly faces you will meet at Perform Partners.

Shaun Walsh

Meet Shaun Walsh. Shaun lives his life with the philosophy that everything is changing constantly. His role is to help people, including himself, navigate and work with the chaos by focusing on what can be controlled and adapt to get the job done and make change happen. With a candid and often creative problem-solving approach, Shaun is at his best when thinking outside the box to overcome problems with solutions that don’t feel the need to be conventional. With his focus on people and building teams, you will likely meet Shaun when starting your engagement and designing your delivery. He is always available to help teams and customers navigate through the challenges of change.

Careers at Perform Partners

Passionate about making a change? Perform Partners is built by talented people who are passionate about change and delivery.

We empower everyone to be a no ego leader with a growth mindset who are passionate about their work and always put the customer first. We succeed as a team.

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Chaos Gears

At Perform we recognise the importance of relationships and strong partnerships in business. Our collaboration with Chaos Gears is mutually beneficial enabling us to share our expertise and skills across boarders. Working on Public Cloud Migrations as part of a collaborative team we have delivered a number of successful projects and co-hosted events streamed globally. Our relationship is a great example of diverse contributions linked by a common vision in order to help our companies and customers achieve goals.

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