Supporting Our Local Communities through Otley Food Bank and Winter Coat Donations

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08.02.2024  |  3 MIN
Perform Partners Otley Food Bank Donation 2024

Our commitment to sustainability involves not only carbon reduction but also doing our bit to support our local communities. We passionately believe in creating a positive impact right at our doorstep, here in West Yorkshire.

Recently, we launched two impactful initiatives that were born from collaborative team discussions and were further shaped and led by our passionate Sustainability Champions.

Otley Food Bank Donation 

As part of our ongoing commitment to support local communities, we stepped in to provide crucial assistance to Otley Food Bank. This vital resource, a lifeline for vulnerable families and individuals in the area, faced a significant shortage of essential items after the holiday season.

Our Senior Project Manager and Sustainability Champion, Adam Windass, took the initiative and led the collection and delivery of essential items to the food bank. Adam inspired our colleagues to contribute whatever they could. In just a few weeks, our team came together, generously donating items such as tea, snacks and toiletries to support the cause.



We are proud to have been able to make a positive impact in our community and will continue to look for opportunities to support those in need.

Leeds Winter Coat Appeal

During winter, the cold weather can be extremely harsh and unforgiving. To make a difference, we participated in the Leeds Winter Coat Appeal organised by Zero Waste Leeds.

This initiative aims to collect high-quality, second-hand winter coats and distribute them to people across Leeds for free. Not only does this support those in need, but it also helps to reduce waste and save money.

Our Financial Administrator and Sustainability Champion, Alice Benton, took the lead in organising an in-house collection. We focused on warm coats, hats, scarves, and gloves, and our colleagues generously donated their clothing items. We then passed on these items to Zero Waste Leeds, who will redistribute them to those who need them in the area.

Alice Benton Financial Administrator and a Sustainability Champion Perform Partners Leeds Winter Coat Appeal

By participating in this initiative, we hope to have helped make a difference by ensuring fewer people in Leeds face the harsh winter without a warm coat. This initiative not only aims to provide warmth but also contributes to the reduction of waste, aligning with our broader sustainability goals.

Steve Corcoran, Managing Consultant and Sustainability Champion, shared his appreciation for the team’s dedication to supporting local communities through initiatives like the Otley Food Bank Donation and the Leeds Winter Coat Appeal:

“I am proud that we, here at Perform, were able to make a tangible change right here in West Yorkshire. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our Sustainability Champions, Adam Windass and Alice Benton, for leading these initiatives and to our colleagues who donated.

We take pride in being part of initiatives that bring warmth and compassion to our community. As we continue our sustainability journey, we invite everyone to join us in creating a positive impact in their local communities and beyond.”

Get Involved: 

Feeling inspired to make a difference? Reach out to Otley Food Bank at or Zero Waste Leeds at 

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