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Waves of change come around quickly in Financial Services, but keeping up can often be challenging. New technologies emerge, changes in economic tides and regulations evolve, with customer expectations higher than ever. Meanwhile, outdated systems can become significant roadblocks to progress. But at Perform Partners, we’re not just about staying afloat; we transform challenges into opportunities for success, empowering your business to shape your future.

As a company vetted and trusted within the Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS), Perform Partners stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the Financial Services sector. Our endorsement through FSQS highlights our commitment to meeting the highest standards required by major players in the industry, proving that we’re not merely a service provider but a dedicated ally in your corner.

With hands-on experience from the high street banks to the big players in mergers and acquisitions, we get into the thick of it by understanding your company’s needs and tackle unique or common challenges head-on. By focusing on driving change, backed by tech expertise, fresh perspectives, and a proven track record, we cut through jargon and complexity with sharp strategies, seamless tech rollouts, and the dynamic power of our change squads.


Change Squads in Financial Services

Our Change Squads enhance your team, ready to face the big challenges in Financial Services. We support Digital Banking, ensuring compliance with the latest financial regulations and onboarding new technologies that are shaking up the industry. But it’s not just about having the gear; it’s about having the people who know how to use it. Our people bridge those gaps where there’s a struggle, either because there’s too much to do or limited ‘know-how’ to get it done. They help organisations get past restrictive and outdated ways of working, making them efficient and more capable of supporting their business needs; and often happier.

Technical Transformation in Financial Services

Talking about Technical Transformation often involves placing ourselves in the heart of undocumented technical chaos left behind over years or decades, addressing technical debt, giving systems a much-needed upgrade, and migrating and optimising Cloud technology. It’s about getting rid of the old clunky systems that can’t keep up and moving into something better to handle your demands. Upgrading isn’t just for the sake of it, nor is it done in an echo chamber. It’s about making sure the appropriate choices are made, are running smoothly, and are compliant while integrating new tech without causing a fuss for the business. Setting up financial institutions with scalable, secure, and cost-effective tech solutions is where Cloud technology comes into play, making the most of their investment in people and services.

Regulatory Compliance in Financial Services

Let’s not forget about keeping everything above board. The rules in Financial Services are complex and don’t stay still; it can feel like a minefield to navigate. But that’s where we come in, offering a route towards Regulatory Compliance with a view of opportunities and tasks that need your attention. In this dynamic landscape, our approach champions flexibility, embodying the ethos of our Change Squads. These squads ensure that while we help you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, we remain adaptable, ready to pivot where necessary without losing sight of the end goal. This adaptability does not compromise our ability to be “locked in” when required, especially when facing tight timelines and firm deadlines set by regulatory bodies.

Although regulatory compliance can sometimes feel like a hindrance, it becomes a crucial point of differentiation. It’s about seizing the opportunity to not only meet but exceed standards, avoiding risk while building trust with your customers. By balancing the capacity and capabilities needed to meet regulatory deadlines – often on timelines not of your choosing – we demonstrate our commitment to helping you succeed.

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