Tech Transformation and Modernisation

Out with the old and in with the Cloud?

From tech confusion to Cloud control, let’s orchestrate and shape your transformation.

Tech Done Right: No Nonsense, Just Results

Looking to stay ahead in the tech game or just catch up? It’s all about embracing change and innovation. Whether you’re looking to achieve Cloud adoption, finesse your digital transformation, or just keep a step ahead of the competition, our Technical Transformation and Modernisation service is here to guide you through. No jargon, just clear, expert advice.

We’re not tied to any single tech giant – we’re proud partners with the best in the business, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, and VMware by Broadcom. This means we offer you unbiased, first-class guidance to navigate the tech landscape. We’re here to make sure your move to the cloud-native or a hybrid cloud and beyond is not just smooth but smartly synced with your business goals.

But it’s not just about the tech. It’s about ensuring you stay on the right side of regulations, hitting those sustainability targets, and making sure your tech transformation actually changes your business for the better. We’ve got your back on making your operations leaner, greener, and compliant without missing a beat.


Perform Partners played a crucial role in our complex transformation journey, providing the technical expertise, Cloud design, engineering, and change management support necessary for success. Overcoming the significant risk and complexity of our IT infrastructure roadblock, Perform Partners proved to be the remedy we needed. Their unwavering commitment and drive enabled our internal team to deliver the required solution. Their rigorous and candid approach kept the project on track, ensuring its successful execution. Without Perform Partners’ invaluable contributions, we would not have been able to overcome this major challenge and progress towards our goals.

Arthur Clune, Chief Technology Officer


Your Blueprint for Technical Transformation

Our Tech Transformation framework – “Assess, Mobilise, Migrate, Modernise, and Innovate” – outlines a holistic approach to tech transformation, encompassing far more than just Cloud solutions:

  • Assess: Our journey together begins with a comprehensive look at your current setup. We explore your technology infrastructure, workflows, and strategic objectives to identify areas for enhancement, cost efficiency, and performance boosts. It’s about laying a solid foundation, ensuring every strategy we develop perfectly aligns with your specific needs and goals.
  • Mobilise: With a clear understanding of your starting point, we prepare your business for the digital leap forward. This step is about more than tech adjustments; it’s about equipping your team with the necessary skills, solidifying your processes, and ensuring robust compliance and governance are in place. We’re building the resilient foundation needed for the transformative steps ahead.
  • Migrate: Whether the Cloud is part of your future or you’re looking at other tech advancements, our migration strategy is custom-fit. Leveraging strong partnerships with leading Cloud and tech providers, we guide you through a seamless transition, ensuring your migration is as efficient and effective as possible. This could involve moving to Cloud platforms, adopting new software solutions, or integrating emerging technologies tailored to your business requirements.
  • Modernise: The transformation doesn’t end with migration. We continue to support and refine your operations, ensuring that your technology stack—be it Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid—is not just current but cutting-edge. Our focus is on optimising your setup to keep it agile, secure, and aligned with the latest in tech advancements.
  • Innovate: The cornerstone of our framework is innovation. We encourage you to explore new horizons with new technologies and better ways of doing things. With our guidance, you’ll not only keep pace with technological evolution but set the pace, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of your industry.

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