Perform Partners Awarded FSQS Certification

Perform Partners
Perform Partners
20.09.2023  |  2 MIN
FSQS accreditation

In a long-standing commitment to robust security and unwavering compliance to meet regulatory requirements, we are pleased to announce that we are now Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) accredited.

As the Change delivery consultancy of choice for the highly regulated financial sector, we are thrilled to have achieved this outstanding supplier qualification, following a rigorous two-stage certification process.

FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) is a third-party Risk Management and Compliance system for the financial services sector that sets the standard for third and fourth-party information, demonstrating compliance to regulators, policies, and governance controls in the UK. It is currently used by major banks, building societies, insurance companies, and investment services.

Suppliers are required to undergo an audit against FSQS requirements within the areas of Business Continuity, Financial, Insurance, Health and Safety, IT Security, Anti-Bribery, Recruitment, Operational Risks, Fraud, GDPR, Responsible Business Governance, and Environmental and Sustainability.

The accreditation provides an enhanced level of reassurance to our existing and future partners, with a comprehensive, precise, and consistently updated understanding of third-party risk, all within one platform. This, in turn, translates to shorter procurement timelines, reducing the time needed to qualify new suppliers or renew contracts.

Paul Rhodes, Co-Founder of Perform Partners, commented:

“Receiving the FSQS Accreditation is a testament to our unyielding dedication to excellence. This achievement empowers us to effortlessly showcase our adherence to rigorous standards to our valued clients. By embracing this standard in the financial sector, we’re not only enhancing transparency but also expediting processes. This accreditation isn’t just a recognition; it’s a catalyst for our continued success.”

Buyer members can securely access Perform Partners’ comprehensive profile, allowing them to conduct searches, generate reports, and utilise graphical dashboards, ensuring smooth handling of due diligence and compliance management.

This FSQS certification is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing enhanced protection and reassurance to our clients.


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