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Platform Optimisation:
Fast-Tracking 3500+ Workloads to Azure VMware with Zero Downtime

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The Challenge

The client had a Project to re-engineer applications for Cloud Native. With the number of applications in question, the re-engineering of applications for Cloud Native would take years.  They needed a private cloud solution that was significantly quicker than re-engineering applications for Cloud Native.

The client was confronted with a complex landscape of private cloud solutions:

  • Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Limitations: The primary private cloud platform, DCX, hosted on Azure and Google Cloud, has impressive availability but has restrictive capabilities and is an unsuitability long-term solution.
  • Future Mode of Operation (FMO) VMware Challenges: The FMO VMware, functioning as an on-premise private cloud platform, has significant availability issues.
  • Azure VMware Solution (AVS)/ Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) Solution: A managed-service platform with a federated support model.

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Our Approach

Our team of Programme and Project Managers, Architects, and Business Analysts were the driving force behind our success. Here’s how they made it happen:

  • They hosted requirement definition sessions, focusing on crucial themes.
  • Insisted on owners signing off requirements, eliminating ambiguity and establishing a clear scope.
  • Recognised the need for a task-based approach, leveraging Microsoft Planner to focus on priorities and assign clear ownership.
  • Set deadlines and utilised stand-up meetings to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Ensured weekly reports were in place, allowing stakeholders to track progress and raise any queries.
  • Supported operational readiness, showcasing meticulousness and top-notch delivery through the Service Assurance process.
  • Developed key partnerships with VMware and Microsoft that played a pivotal role in achieving goals.
  • Orchestration of third parties and vendors, acting as a conduit for positive relationships which in turn created a productive team with a can-do attitude.
  • Communicated extensively via Confluence, fostering seamless information sharing and collaboration.
  • Adopted a “fail fast” approach, recognising the value of identifying what doesn’t work quickly.
  • Managed the balance between detailed design and the need to fail fast, ensuring rapid decision-making and course corrections.
  • Maintained a keen focus on development and test governance, avoiding front-loading of governance and embracing an iterative, agile approach.

The team’s governance, collaborative spirit with vendors, and unwavering commitment to success were superb, fuelling the project’s progress and ensuring quality at pace. Our contributions yielded positive outcomes, transforming complexity into clarity and uncertainty into opportunity.


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