Change Squads

Team capacity and capability.

We enhance your business with experts in project management, business analysis, architecture, and Cloud engineering to help ensure your changes benefit from unparalleled experience and flexibility.

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Rapid and Flexible People Solutions

The ability to adapt and transform is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Organisations across all sectors face the dual challenge of managing day-to-day operations while also navigating through periods of significant change. Whether it’s digital transformation, regulatory compliance, or strategic realignment, these change initiatives are complex, resource-intensive, and critical for future success.

That’s where our core proposition comes into play – Change Squads. We provide flexible, bespoke teams with skills tailored to your capability and capacity needs, ensuring your business survives and thrives in these transformative times.

Our Change Squads are at the heart of our service offering, designed to offer tactical and strategic team augmentation that injects your business with the essential skills and expertise needed for successful change programmes or projects at critical times.


“We’re specifically using Perform on the system upgrades because it frees up our internal capacity to work on some of our other internal projects. We know we’ve got this project in safe hands, as I’ve got confidence in Perform’s consultants based on their demonstrated track record.”

David Byrne, Senior Technical Delivery Manager

Our in-house expertise includes the best project managers, business analysts, architects, and cloud engineers, each bringing a wealth of experience and adaptability to your organisation. This unparalleled mix of talent ensures that your business benefits from industry-leading practices, innovative solutions, and a resilient approach to overcoming challenges.


Framework for Engaging with Change Squads

  • Stage 1: Discovery & Alignment
    Initial Talk:
    We start with a direct chat to get what you’re aiming for and what’s in your way. This is about figuring out how we can best help you hit your targets.
    Skills Check: We take a hard look at what your team can do now and what they need to tackle the job at hand. It’s all about spotting the gaps in skills and expertise.
  • Stage 2: Strategy & Customisation
    Building Your Squad:
    Based on what we find, we put together the right team for your project. This isn’t off-the-shelf; it’s tailor-made, ensuring you get the expertise you actually need.
    Plan of Action: We lay out a clear plan that spells out who’s doing what and when. It’s flexible, so we can adjust as things change, making sure you’re always on the front foot.
  • Stage 3: Execution & Adaptation
    Integration and Kick-off:
    Our team blends with yours, getting down to business without any fuss. We’re here to make things happen, not to get in the way.
    Continuous Adjustment: Projects can shift, and so will we. Keeping things lean and agile, we’ll tweak our approach as needed to make sure we’re always heading towards your goals.
  • Stage 4: Review & Evolution
    Performance Check:
    Together, we’ll look at what we’ve achieved, what’s worked, and what could be better. This is about continuous improvement, not patting ourselves on the back.
    Next Steps Planning: Based on our review, we’ll help you plan what’s next. Whether it’s wrapping things up or gearing up for another push, we’re with you for the long haul.

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