Cloud Adoption and Optimisation: Roundtable Event

Perform Partners
Perform Partners
23.10.2023  |  1 MIN
Cloud Adoption and Optimisation - Perform Partners Roundtable event

Perform Partners’ launch ‘invite-only’ roundtable series titled Cloud Adoption and Optimisation, with the inaugural event in Leeds last week.

The roundtable event centred around Cloud Adoption and Optimisation, focusing on the core pillars of People, Process, and Technology. Bringing together like-minded professionals from the Financial Services and Higher Education sector, and technology partners AWS and VMware, the event provided a platform to discuss the evolving landscape of Cloud Adoption, AI, and Optimisation.

The insightful conversations revolved around the challenges and opportunities within these sectors, emphasising the importance of tailored approaches to talent retention, effective processes, and seamless technology integration. 

Cloud Adoption and Optimisation Business Event

Download the roundtable notes here to access the comprehensive insights.Download Button - Perform Partners - Purple