Perform Partners Celebrates AWS Migration Acceleration Programme Accreditation

Perform Partners
Perform Partners
08.02.2024  |  3 MIN
Perform Partners AWS Migration Acceleration Programme Accreditation
Paving the Way for Technology Transformation and Optimisation

We’re proud to share an exciting milestone: Perform Partners has been accredited under the AWS Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP), a recognition that sets us apart in our commitment to facilitating seamless technology transformations.

This achievement isn’t just about adding another accolade to our name; it’s about deepening our capabilities in guiding businesses through transformative cloud migration journeys with AWS, ensuring they’re leveraging the cloud’s full suite of benefits for optimised performance, security, and reliability.

Why This Matters to Your Business

We all know technology is pivotal to operational resilience and competitive advantage, our MAP accreditation signifies our enhanced ability to align cloud migration efforts with your broader technology transformation and optimisation goals. Here’s how we make a tangible difference:

Strategic Alignment with Business Goals: We understand that technology transformation is not just a technical exercise but a strategic business initiative. Our approach ensures that cloud migrations are closely aligned with your business objectives, driving growth, efficiency, and innovation.

Optimised Cost and Performance: Leveraging AWS financial incentives and our expertise, we help you optimise your investment in cloud technology, ensuring you achieve the best possible performance at the lowest operational cost.

Accelerated Transformation: With MAP’s structured three-phase approach—Assess, Mobilise, and Migrate and Modernise—we expedite your journey to the cloud. This methodology not only accelerates migration but ensures your business is positioned to take full advantage of cloud capabilities for continuous innovation and optimisation.

Perform Partners Technical Team

Our Tailored Approach to Technology Transformation and Optimisation

Assessment and Strategy Development: We begin by assessing your current technology landscape and aligning it with your business vision. This initial phase helps us identify strategic opportunities for leveraging AWS to drive transformation and optimisation across your operations.

Operational Foundation and Mobilisation: Building on our assessment, we establish a solid operational foundation for your migration. This includes addressing any gaps and setting the stage for a smooth transition to AWS, ensuring your technology infrastructure is agile, secure, and aligned with your business objectives.

Migration, Modernisation, and Continuous Innovation: Our collaboration extends beyond migration. We focus on modernising your applications and infrastructure on AWS to enhance performance and security. Post-migration, we continue to support your business in leveraging cloud technologies for ongoing innovation and operational excellence.

AWS and Perform Partners Delivery Migration for The University of Sheffield

Embrace the Future with Perform Partners

Our AWS MAP accreditation is more than a milestone—it’s a commitment to being your partner in technology transformation and optimisation. By choosing Perform Partners, you’re not just migrating to the cloud; you’re setting your business up for a future where agility, efficiency, and innovation are at the heart of your operations.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Discover how our accredited expertise can propel your business forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.AWS Migration Ambassador Partner

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