Shortlisted for VMware’s Life Cycle Services Award

Perform Partners
Perform Partners
19.09.2023  |  4 MIN
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We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the top-tier Life Cycle Services category at the VMware Partner Recognition 2023 awards.

The VMware Partner Recognition Awards acknowledge the outstanding dedication and commitment of their partners. These partners demonstrate remarkable tenacity and focus in delivering excellent solutions and understand the importance of aligning technology with their client’s specific goals and needs. They take the time to understand the unique objectives of each business and design tailored strategies that leverage VMware technologies for maximum benefit.

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Why are Perform Partners shortlisted for the Life Cycle Services award?

We’re honoured to be shortlisted for the Life Cycle Services award, and this recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional, customer-focused services.


“Partnering with VMware has been a transformative journey, one where we’ve not only evolved but also set new standards in collaboration. This award is a testament to our commitment to not just working with customers, but to elevate the entire partnership ecosystem, together.” Adeel Azam, Lead Cloud Solutions Architect at Perform Partners.


We have demonstrated our delivery in the Financial Services sector, showcasing the following stages of project delivery:

Assessments: Conducted audits and requirement gathering. In the assessments phase, we understood our client’s unique needs, conducting comprehensive audits and gathering requirements. This foundational understanding allowed us to tailor our solutions precisely to their objectives.

Planning: Utilised adaptive planning, engaging both delivery teams and C-Suite. Throughout the planning stage, our approach was agile and inclusive. We engaged both delivery teams and top-level executives, ensuring alignment with their strategic goals and securing support from all key stakeholders.

Regulatory: Worked within regulations, adopting a risk-led, collaborative approach. Our dedication to regulatory compliance was steadfast. We embraced a risk-aware, collaborative approach to guarantee their project adhered to all required regulations and standards, establishing a secure foundation for their cloud adoption journey.

Architecting: Created optimal cloud architecture with phased POC adoption. When it came to crafting the solution, we designed an optimal cloud architecture with a phased Proof of Concept (POC) adoption. This strategy offered them the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to evolving requirements.

Migration: Managed rapid, secure migration involving multiple stakeholders. During the migration phase, we orchestrated a swift and secure transition, managing multiple stakeholders seamlessly. Our robust project management capabilities and ability to navigate complexity ensured a smooth, successful transition.

Quality: Met all timelines and upheld security. Quality remained at the forefront throughout the project. We consistently met timelines and maintained stringent security standards to ensure a seamless and risk-free transition.

Outcome: Accelerated deployment enabled an agile, customer-focused delivery of AVS. The ultimate result of our collaborative efforts was an accelerated deployment that empowered an agile, customer-centric delivery of AVS. We take immense pride in the impact we’ve achieved and anticipate further success as we continue partnering with our clients to achieve their objectives.


“We are tremendously honoured to be named a finalist for the VMware Partner Recognition – Life Cycle Services Award 2023,” expressed Shaun Walsh, Co-Founder and Director at Perform Partners. “Much like this award category emphasises delivering exceptional customer experiences through an integrated lifecycle of services, our team is deeply committed to providing seamless support across the board. We prioritise cultivating a culture of quality, excellence and genuine human interaction, while also focusing on driving integration across the services lifecycle to enhance deployment capabilities and foster adaptive environments.”


We anticipate the announcement of the winners at the upcoming ceremony in October 2023, when the VMware Senior Management will host the 12th annual VMware Partner Recognition Awards ceremony.

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