Take Less of a Gamble in Real Money Gaming – Edge Your Project Bets

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Perform Partners
27.03.2024  |  3 MIN
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In Real Money Gaming, where every second counts and innovation and player safety lead the way, the ability to adapt swiftly to tech changes, regulatory updates, and shifts in consumer behaviour is not just advantageous—it’s essential.

The industry’s fast-paced nature means that sticking to traditional ways of doing things might leave you lagging behind competitors. Yet, as we all know too well, despite our best efforts and intentions, a significant number of change initiatives struggle to cross the finish line, with a startling 70% not achieving their intended outcomes.

The high stakes of ineffective change

What separates the successful 30%? It boils down to simplicity in approach and having access to the right expertise at crucial moments. It’s about being strategic with your resources, understanding the landscape, and making informed, agile decisions.

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Don’t gamble on project success

The consequences of not managing change effectively can be severe: lost market share, diminished competitiveness, and potential regulatory non-compliance. Traditional approaches often lead to overblown budgets and extended timelines, with companies caught in a cycle of “chasing” the benefits of change without ever really capturing them. This is precisely where Change Squads come into the picture, offering a dynamic and flexible solution to these all-too-common issues.

Increase your options with Change Squads

  • Accelerate Project Delivery: Time is of the essence in RMG. Change Squads ensure your projects move from concept to reality quickly, helping you capture market opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of delays.
  • Optimise Costs: Say goodbye to the traditional, often wasteful, resourcing methods. Change Squads work on a flexible model, scaling up or down according to your project’s needs and saving you from the financial burdens of unnecessary hires.
  • Minimise Risk: The unique blend of specialised skills within Change Squads dramatically reduces the risk of project failures, ensuring smoother transitions and more predictable outcomes.
  • Boost Innovation: Keeping your internal team inspired and innovative can be challenging under constant pressure. Change Squads take the load off, injecting fresh ideas and perspectives to keep your operations vibrant and ahead of the curve.
  • Overcome Resistance: Change is hard, and resistance is natural. But with Change Squads, you have seasoned experts who know how to navigate these waters, embedding a culture of adaptability and resilience within your team.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: It’s not just about today’s challenges but also about anticipating what’s next. Change Squads don’t just help you keep up; they position you to lead, ensuring your platform remains relevant and influential in shaping the industry’s future.
  • Regulatory Agility: Staying compliant in a constantly changing regulatory landscape is crucial. Change Squads are adept at navigating these complexities, ensuring your platform not only meets current standards but is also primed for future regulatory shifts.
  • Enhanced Player Safety: At the heart of RMG is the need to provide a safe, secure gaming experience. Change Squads prioritise player safety, implementing cutting-edge security measures and promoting responsible gaming practices.

Bridging the gap

In merging the professional with the candid, we acknowledge the realities of managing change in the RMG sector—it’s challenging, often unpredictable, but undeniably critical for sustained success. Change Squads represent a strategic option in how you achieve change in this domain, offering a tailored, expert-driven solution that aligns with the dynamic needs of the industry.

In a sector where the only constant is change itself, leaning on the structured yet flexible support of Change Squads could well be the difference between surviving and thriving.