5 Common Change Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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11.03.2024  |  3 MIN
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5 Common Change Challenges and How to Overcome Them: Expert Insights That Could Help Your Business Change in 2024

Navigating change is tough. Even the most forward-thinking and well-known global giants face common challenges that hinder their progress, and you’d likely be surprised to hear that many of these problems are sector-agnostic. Drawing from our extensive experience, we lift the lid on some common hurdles and offer our usable insights on practical solutions.

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  1. Project Delays and Optimising Opportunities
    Missing delivery deadlines often has a direct impact on the forecast benefits and onward opportunities. Delays often stem from not having the right people focusing on the right tasks at the right time, compounded by unrealistic and often unchallenged expectations. Our Change Squad service directly addresses this by providing experts in project management, business analysis, architecture, and cloud engineering. By integrating these professionals into your teams or deploying them to lead independently, we streamline your projects and free up your internal staff to focus on what they do best, ensuring your business achieves its desired outcomes more efficiently.
  2. Reducing Team Strain and Invigorating Change
    An overloaded in-house team is a stressed team, leading to burnout, reduced productivity, and, ultimately, project stagnation and failure. This strain, coupled with a resistance to new methodologies, can stifle your business’s growth. Our solution refreshes your approach to change. We reinvigorate your teams and processes by infusing your projects with fresh perspectives and leveraging our broad industry experience. Our Change Squads, equipped with industry expertise, introduce innovative practices and cross-sector insights, breaking the cycle of stagnation and helping to drive progress.
  3. Resistance is……normal? 
    Resistance to change is a natural human inclination, especially in environments that have operated in a certain way for a long time. Resistance can significantly decelerate project momentum, impacting your competitive edge. To counteract this, introducing new capabilities and perspectives is crucial. Our approach revives your change initiatives, upskills your team, and realigns your projects, ensuring they are on track to success. This fresh infusion of ideas and practices encourages adaptability and resilience, key traits for maintaining a competitive advantage.
  4. Modernising Legacy Systems
    Legacy technology and accumulated technical debt are not just IT issues; they’re business challenges that can demotivate staff, expose vulnerabilities, and constrain growth. Our tech transformation service is tailored to identify and address these challenges head-on. By understanding your unique needs, we craft a customised modernisation roadmap that respects your current operations while setting a clear path for technical and operational evolution. This strategic approach ensures your business is not just keeping pace but is set for future success.
  5. Navigating compliance & new regulations
    For businesses in highly regulated sectors, staying compliant is a moving target with complex and often heavy financial implications if you get it wrong. The risk of drifting into non-compliance, whether due to misunderstanding regulatory changes or procrastination, can have significant repercussions. We enhance your compliance capability and provide strategic foresight and planning to navigate changes. By mapping your current position against required standards, we offer a clear, actionable framework that ensures compliance and positions you to leverage regulatory changes for competitive advantage.

Turn your challenges into opportunities…

By identifying, understanding and addressing common change challenges, your organisation can achieve what it wants quicker and with less stress. We’re here to help you turn these challenges into opportunities.