Fostering Well-being: Perform Partners is a Mindful Employer

Perform Partners
Perform Partners
03.07.2023  |  3 MIN

We’re excited to announce that we’ve wholeheartedly signed the Charter for Employers Positive About Mental Health. The initiative is a voluntary program that aims to support employers in promoting positive mental health and well-being in the workplace.

The Charter is a commitment that we make to express our dedication and desire to continuously improve in promoting mental health at work. We see this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and keep on working to create a supportive and open environment where mental well-being flourishes.

At Perform Partners, mental health holds a special place in our hearts. In the first quarter of 2023, we welcomed our first Well-being Champions (Kristy Dean, Laura Beadle, Rob Smith, Cloë Thornton, Lou Crabtree and Ivelina Raykova), who have been generously volunteering some of their time to spearhead well-being initiatives, in the hopes of making a positive impact on our workplace. This is not just a checkbox on our list – it’s a genuine passion that drives us to actively engage with this important topic all year round.

Kristy Dean, Head of People & Culture at Perform comments:

The idea to become a Mindful Employer came about from a conversation with Leeds Mind, the charity we support here in Leeds. It really seemed to fit well with what we’re trying to achieve through our proactive approach to well-being. I wanted a way of recognising all the work that the Champions are doing on an external platform and demonstrate our commitment outwardly.

As a company, we strive to leverage our valuable knowledge and experience to the fullest. However, we also recognise the importance of seeking external perspectives. By tapping into the expertise of professional organisations, we will supplement our own efforts and utilise additional resources.

We are happy to also be a part of a local network of employers who have also signed the Charter. Joining this network is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and insights of well-being at the workplace with other companies in our area. We can leverage this network to seek advice on best practices to support internal teams as well as explore potential collaborations.

By signing the Charter, we agree to uphold the following values:

  • To provide non-judgemental and proactive support to staff with experience of mental ill-health.
  • To not make assumptions about a person with a mental health condition and their ability to work.
  • To be positive and enabling toward all employees and applicants with a mental health condition.
  • To support line managers in managing mental health in the workplace.
  • To ensure they are fair in the recruitment of new staff in accordance with the Equality Act (2010).
  • To make it clear that people who have experienced mental ill-health will not be discriminated against.

We are thrilled to take this journey a step further, hoping that our dedication to proactive well-being will have a lasting and positive impact on our employees and the overall work environment. Together, we will continue to strive towards a future where mental health is nurtured, stigma is dismantled, and every individual feels empowered to thrive.