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Perform Partners
Perform Partners
05.12.2023  |  2 MIN
Some of the Perform Partners Team participating in 2023 Leeds Mind Firewalk

Some members of the Perform team recently ditched their office shoes for a bold adventure – walking barefoot on red-hot embers! This wasn’t your average team-building exercise; it was the 2023 Firewalk organised by Leeds Mind, and it was all for a fantastic charitable cause.

The year’s event unfolded in Victoria Gardens, right outside the Leeds Art Gallery back in November. The goal? To generate funds for the local mental health charity, Leeds Mind.

With Scott Bell, a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the greatest firewalking distance, providing expert guidance, all firewalkers received instructions on how to navigate the scorching coals, reaching temperatures of around 600 degrees Celsius. Participants carefully approached the fire, removed their footwear and one by one were invited to walk the coals.

I walked on fire! Perform Partners Team during Leeds Mind Firewalk 2023

This experience presents more of a mental challenge than a physical one and serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of resilience and attention training. By bravely walking on the hot coals, the Perform team aimed to not just raise funds but also shine a light on our chosen local charity.

Taking a (somewhat hot) stroll down memory lane, we were reminded of our fiery feat [pun intended] back in 2021 when we, for the first time ever, joined the Leeds Mind Firewalk. Back then, we succeeded in raising a total of £800. Building on this, we once again embraced the challenge with it being a fantastic chance to help those in need.

With donations still coming through, so far, together we’ve successfully raised a total of £440. Thank you to our dedicated supporters who’ve not only chipped in with donations but also cheered us on every step of the way – we couldn’t have done it without you!

If you’d like to donate, please use the link below:

Perform’s Firewalk fundraiser for Leeds Mind

A massive shoutout to our brave colleagues who took on the 2023 Leeds Mind Firewalk: Aristea Michelinaki, Chris Mills, Cloë Thornton, Jasmina Alisic, Jonnie Brand, Kristy Dean, Louise Crabtree, and Rob Smith.

If you’re passionate about mental health like we are, join us in making a lasting impact. Visit to learn more and contribute to the cause. Together, we can create positive change in our community.