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Project Gigabit: Untangling BDUK Complexity

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The Challenge

CityFibre partnered with Perform Partners for an extensive analysis project to become fully equipped to independently manage and execute their contracts within the government’s Building Digital UK (BDUK) initiative. BDUK’s aim is to extend broadband Internet access to rural areas through government subsidies, allowing CityFibre to expand its services into economically challenging regions otherwise lacking viability. However, securing government funding required adept navigation of a highly regulated procurement process and strict adherence to detailed progress reporting protocols. CityFibre grappled with the task of comprehending and aligning with this intricate regulatory landscape while ensuring business readiness and effective project delivery, looking to position itself firmly as a dependable partner in the BDUK programme

The Perform Way

Our team of experienced Business Analysts’ role was crucial in assisting CityFibre in navigating intricate government regulations. Our approach was rooted in practical business analysis. We meticulously broke down over 600 pages of regulatory documents into manageable requirements and presented them visually, creating a clear process for CityFibre. After conducting a thorough gap analysis we raised approximately 90 high-level requirements covering various aspects of their business, breaking them down into detailed layers.

CityFibre gained access to comprehensive breakdowns, a robust governance framework, and a fresh JIRA-based approach. This instilled confidence in their ability to meet stringent criteria and to effectively plan their project delivery.

The success of this partnership highlights the importance of expert analysis and collaboration in overcoming challenges and achieving business goals.

Perform Partners Team Collborative Planning

Strategic Approach

Our strategic approach to supporting CityFibre was:

  • Applied practical business analysis techniques to understand complex government regulations.
  • Broke down dense material into manageable and digestible requirements.
  • Translated requirements into approximately 400 individual commitments for CityFibre.
  • Provided a comprehensive breakdown of contractual requirements and a governance framework.
  • Working across the enterprise to address different area of the business to understand the as-is piece in relation to their existing processes.
  • Conducted a thorough gap analysis correlating the business as-is state against government regulatory requirements.
  • Defined high-level requirements for multiple business functions to progress towards BDUK compliance.
  • Introduced a new JIRA-based approach for requirements management.
  • Assisted finance in tracking subsidy money and demonstrating financial resilience.
  • Supported the product team in defining new infrastructure and passive requirements.
  • Clarified roles and responsibilities for program management and governance with the government.
  • Collaborated to understand data requirements and potential technological implications.
  • Offered visualisations and reporting tools for better insights and understanding.
  • Supported CityFibre to confidently secure government contracts and progress towards meeting the stringent criteria.
  • Equipped teams with a clear roadmap and traceability matrix for progress tracking.


Our role in guiding CityFibre through the complexities of government regulations and contracts was vital, ensuring their successful participation in the BDUK initiative. Our strategic approach centred on practical business analysis, breaking down dense documentation into manageable requirements, and offering clear visualisations for easy comprehension.

We take pride in providing clarity of vision, best practices, and direction, empowering CityFibre’s teams with the knowledge and tools needed to move confidently within the BDUK framework. Our contributions have yielded positive outcomes, transforming complexity into clarity and uncertainty into opportunity.


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