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The Challenge

Our client, heavily dependent on VMware NSX for their virtual networking, faced formidable challenges in NSX migration and firewall policy synchronisation between on-premise and cloud environments. The existing manual and script-intensive process was not only resource-heavy but also prone to errors, significantly impacting operational efficiency. Recognising these challenges, the client needed the change management support from Perform Partners and the technical capabilities of ReSTNSX. Without an efficient, automated solution, they risked prolonged migration times, operational disruptions, increased costs, and potential reputational damage due to customer dissatisfaction and diminished trust in their technological capabilities. This situation urgently required a solution ensuring minimal disruption while maintaining their market position and brand reputation.

Our Approach

In collaboration with ReSTNSX, Perform Partners devised a strategy to address the client’s challenges. ReSTNSX provided the technological expertise, offering a one-of-a-kind tool that automated the migration and synchronisation processes. This tool simplified the migration of firewall rules and objects from the client’s on-premise NSX environment to the cloud. Perform Partners played a pivotal role in analysis, governance, and ensuring the tool’s compatibility and effectiveness for the client’s specific needs. The collaboration focused on minimising manual input and scripting to streamline the client’s entire process.

  • Perform Partners took the lead in analysing the client’s existing NSX environment and governance structures. This step was crucial to understanding the migration process’s specific requirements.
  • We assessed the compatibility and functionality of ReSTNSX’s tool within the client’s environment, ensuring it met their unique needs.
  • Understanding that each migration scenario is unique, we tailored the ReSTNSX tool to fit the client’s specific context. This involved adapting the tool to handle the client’s unique firewall rules and network configurations.
  • Leveraging ReSTNSX’s expertise, we automated the migration of firewall rules and network objects from the on-premise NSX environment to the cloud. This step significantly reduced manual labour and the risk of errors.
  • ReSTNSX’s unique approach allowed us to “lift-and-shift” the NSX-v firewall rules and objects to the cloud with no modification to the existing production environment.
  • We established a process for periodic synchronisation of the on-premise and cloud environments, ensuring consistency and up-to-date security protocols across both platforms.
  • Post-migration, our teams continued to monitor the system, providing ongoing support and making necessary adjustments to optimise performance and security.
  • Throughout the process, we maintained an open feedback loop with the client, allowing us to iteratively improve the migration strategy and tool functionality in real-time.

By combining Perform Partners’ change management, analytical and governance expertise with ReSTNSX’s technological solutions, we delivered a comprehensive, tailored approach that addressed the client’s specific challenges in migrating to and optimising their VMware environment.


I’m incredibly proud of our team’s collaboration with Perform Partners to deliver a seamless migration experience for our valued customer. Our software facilitated a smooth transition from on-premise legacy NSX to a next-generation VMware-based cloud, allowing workloads to move at their own pace over several months. This ‘at your pace’ approach ensured minimal disruption while leveraging existing processes to maintain legacy firewall rules. By eliminating the need for complex upgrades or scripting, we’ve provided a solution that not only meets but exceeds our customer’s expectations.

DJ Antinucci, CEO at ReSTNSX


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