Project Recovery.

Let’s reassess your vision and direction.


Transformation projects will transition through difficult periods of complex change. Encountering challenges naturally runs the risk of derailing a project altogether, unless control can be restored. 

Project recovery is the effort and activities related to addressing troubled projects, typically via a health check style approach. Working through this approach provides data showcasing the status of your project, removing subjective views, toning down the chaos and revealing clarity. Data-informed decisions can be applied on whether or not to continue the project, either with adapted methods and/or scope, or look to redirect the route altogether to achieve the desired outcome.

The foundations of successfully delivery is clarity of direction.

With a health assessment approach we realign your business strategy and project objectives to a stabilisation plan. But even with the best planning and strategy in place, the importance of culture and human impact can often be underestimated. We support the project recovery not just through a transactional delivery of an assessment and a plan, but also by including your organisational culture, inviting all involved parties to review and feedback their needs, and contribute towards your intended journey of change.

An objective third-party assessment will help understand when a Project Recovery should be initiated, help you understand whether a redirect is required or can the current project be recovered.

Let’s regain your vision and direction.

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